The establishment of the Project Management Unit at FEUN

One of the first activities within the implementation of the UR-DATA project is the establishment of the Project Management Unit (PMU) at the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš.

It is formed as a special organizational unit within the Centre for Economic Research at FEUN, which deals with the preparation of project proposals, as well as the administration and financial management of projects implemented by FEUN.

The decision to establish PMU was adopted on 07 July 2022 by the Teaching Scientific (TS) Council of the Faculty of Economics University of Niš.
The PMU should serve as supporting infrastructure for the research and proposal writing activities.

It enables the synergy of technical and administrative resources for project proposals writing, as well as the complete process of developing initial ideas to well-designed, requirement adherent proposals, leading to an increased participation of FEUN researchers in the activities of project application.

Beside the enhancement of the capacities of FEUN staff in project proposals writing and the increased number of submitted project applications, the PMU also serves as the infrastructure for the successful project management of UR-DATA.

The organizational structure of the PMU includes the head of the PMU and professional-administrative associates, who are appointed depending on the scope of work of the PMU and the type of projects that are prepared, implemented or reported. PMU offices (Office 1 and 2) are placed in the building of the FEUN.

There are two offices, adjusted to the needs of PMU, providing the equipment for meetings and ongoing activities.

PMU Office 1

PMU Office 2