Faculty of Economics, University of Niš (FEUN) is a reputable institution of higher education, with 60 years of tradition and excellence.


Poliedra offers services of technical assistance and consultancy and works in applied research and education with a strong interdisciplinary approach.


OsloMet aspires to play a leading role as a provider of research-based knowledge related to the welfare state, in Norway and abroad.

Scientific Advisory Board

Alexis Tsoukias
PSL University, Université Paris Dauphine, Paris, France (scientific field Operational Research)

Jason Papathanasiou
University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece (scientific field Decision Support Systems)

Pavle Petrović
Serbian Academy of Science and Arts member and the president of Fiscal Council of Republic of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia (scientific field Econometrics)

Peter Nijkamp
The Faculty of Management, Open University, Heerlen, Netherlands, one of the leading European economists in the field of Regional Economics and Economic Geography

Carlo Sessa
Research Director of the institute ISINNOVA, Rome, Italy (main area of expertise Foresight, Quality of Life Indicators and Community Engagement)