Overall project objective is to enhance networking activities between the FEUN and POLIEDRA and OSLOMET in order to increase the scientific recognition and impact of the FEUN in the field of smart and resilient urban and regional development using state-of-the-art data analytics and optimization tools in data-rich environment. The overall objective is to be achieved through five clearly defined, measurable and realistic specific objectives.

Objective 1:

Enhancing the scientific capacity of FEUN by establishing a Laboratory of Land Economy and Urban Analytics (LEUA) at FEUN where the researchers from POLIEDRA and OSLOMET will perform training activities, transfer knowledge and best practices, conduct workshops and seminars aimed to include early-stage researchers and FEUN staff.

Objective 2:

Raising the research profile of FEUN staff through strengthening research experience and collaborative research and joint papers with researchers from leading European universities.

Objective 3:

Creating a long-term scientific strategy of FEUN for stepping up and stimulating scientific excellence in the field of smart and resilient urban development analysis using contemporary quantitative tools of data analytics.

Objective 4:

Enhancing career prospects for early-stage researchers, through short-term exchanges, workshops, seminars and summer schools, with renowned researchers in the field.

Objective 5:

Strengthening administrative and project management skills of staff at FEUN, by establishing Project Management unit to deal exclusively with the preparation of project proposals, administration and financial management of projects.