Faculty of Economics, University of Niš (FEUN) is a reputable institution of higher education, with 60 years of tradition and excellence.

Situated in Niš, a town in southeast part of Serbia, it has been a driver of educational, economic, social and cultural development of the entire region.

Since its foundation, the Faculty has pursued the mission of contributing to the development of modern society, by integrating knowledge, experience, talents and creativity.

Modern curricula, attractive study programs and the acquisition of innovative knowledge and skills is offered to the 6000 currently enrolled students, at undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. studies.

Through the activities of the Center for Economic research, international cooperation, organization of scientific conferences and publishing, the Faculty has gained increased recognition within the international academic community.

In recent years, the Faculty has significantly enhanced project application capacities and is successfully conducting a number of national and international scientific projects.

Laboratory for Land Economics and Urban Analytics (LEUA)

LEUA will serve as the foundation for building competence and expertise in the coming years.

Project Management Unit (PM)

Project Management Unit (PM) is a special organizational unit within the Centre for Economic Research at FEUN.