Presentation of UR-DATA research at the ISC2022

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Date 14 October 2022

UR-DATA team members had successful presentations of their ongoing research within the UR-DATA project at the 53rd International Scientific Conference Post-Pandemic Economic Challenges.

The conference is traditionally organized by the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš and it has gathered academics, researchers as well as phd students from the country and the Western Balkans region.

The Conference theme covered a wide area of topics related to the conditions of the pandemic (macroeconomic policy changes, economic growth and recovery, challenges in business management).

It was an excellent opportunity for the exchange of the ideas and the promotion of the UR-DATA project. The members of UR-DATA team had several successful presentations:

  1. Presentation of the research “Resilience of Smart Cities in Crisis Conditions”, authors Žarko Popović, Dragana Radenković – Jocić and Ivana Marjanović.
  2. Presentation of the research “Smart Education and Smart Cities”, authors Vesna Janković Milić, Vinko Lepojević, Biljana Brkić. The research was presented by professor Vesna Janković Milić.
  3. Presentation of the research “Challenges in Human Resource Management Caused by the Pandemic of the Virus Covid-19”. Authors Biljana Đorđević and Sandra Milanović. The research was presented by Sandra Milanović.

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