UR-DATA Workshop – GSM Related Statistics

Uppsala, Sweden – May 14-15, 2024

The UR-DATA team successfully completed the UR DATA Workshop – GSM Related Statistics, held at Uppsala University’s Ekonomikum in Sweden on May 14-15th, 2024. This workshop covered essential topics such as Multi-level Regression (theory and practice using Stata), K-nearest Neighbor Analysis and Distance Decay (EquiPop and ArcGis), and explored current and potential uses of GSM-data.

The workshop featured expert lecturers prof. John Osth, from OSLOMET, prof. Umut Turk, from Kaiseri University, Turkey, and prof. Marina Toger, from Uppsala University. The event was attended by FEUN team members Marina Stanojević, Dejan Đorđević, and Milan Perković during their exchange visits to project partner OSLOMET.

A key highlight was the collaborative brainstorming session, where the FEUN team worked with the expert lecturers to tackle UR-DATA tasks, focusing on innovative ways to utilize phone data. This collaboration marked a significant step in advancing our research and practical applications in data science.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from the UR-DATA project as we continue to push the boundaries of data science and statistics!