UR-DATA at Challenges of Europe

Challenges of Europe is a biennial international conference that gathers scholars and practitioners from around the world to foster dialogue on the contemporary economic issues in and within Europe. This year it was held for the 14th time, on 17th – 19th of May at the island of Brač, Croatia, with the goal to study the new design for the next generation in the modern challenging economic environment. At the conference, the latest research on growth and development, business competitiveness, digital and green solutions was presented, aiming to contribute to the strategies and policies to help countries, cities, and regions to overcome the obstacles in the current economic and political environment. The conference has hosted renowned keynote speakers, such as Nobel Lauerates prof. Eric Maskin and prof. Albin Roth, along with prof. Edward Altman, prof. David Reibstein, and many more.

UR-DATA team members have participated in various conference activities, such as “Meet the professors” Breakfast and “Meet the Editors” session held by prof. Peter Nijkamp, UR-DATA SAB member. The conference activities have served as an excellent opportunity to disseminate the information and latest research results of the UR-DATA project. UR-DATA team members had a successful presentation “Beyond Urban Growth: Developing a Multi-Criteria Composite Index to Measure the Smartness of Urban Centers” authored by Stanković Jelena, Muratori Simona, Lue Alessandro, Östh, John and Marjanović Ivana.