MICEB 2023

ur data

The latest Montenegrin International Conference on Economics and Business – MICEB2023 was held on May 25-27 in Budva, Montenegro, in the organization of the Faculty of Economics, University of Montenegro.

The Conference gathered academics, practitioners and policy creators around the topic SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: Transition to GREEN ECONOMY. The plenary session was devoted to the issues of benefits, challenges and risks concerning the transition to the green economy. The participants in the session were Prof. Roy THURIK (Erasmus School of Economics, Rotterdam), Dr Megan BOWMAN (King’s College London), Dr Dritan ABAZOVIĆ (Prime Minister of Montenegro), Nikola ROVČANIN (Elektroprivreda Crne Gore), Dr Jaromir PEKLO (Chayton Capital), MSc Remon ZAKARIA (Head of EBRD Montenegro). The audience also attended the guest lecture of MSc Jakov Milatović (President of Montenegro): Performance of the Montenegrin economy: issues and perspectives.

UR-DATA team members engaged in the active dissemination and communication of the prioject activities and had a successful presentation titled:
“Unlocking the Socio-Economic Potential of Informal Waste Collectors through Circular Economy
Development Policies”. The presentation was prepared by Jelena J. Stanković, Bojana Novićević-Čečević and Marina Stanojević.