On the margins of a study visit in Rome, Italy, the members of the UR-DATA research and management team had a successful round of meetings with the founder and the members of ISINNOVA (Istituto di Studi per l’Informatica e i Sistemi), an independent research institute that supports international, national and local public bodies, as well as private organizations, as they pursue sustainable visions and policies.

The Institute specializes in the areas of transport and mobility, smart sustainable cities, energy and environment.

ISINNOVA’s Research Director and a member since 1983, dr Carlo Sessa will be joining the activities of UR-DATA project, by actively participating in the expert panel that is going to take place at FEUN, Serbia, during the first year of the project.

Carlo Sessa has extensive experience in coordinating EU research projects, particularly in the fields of transport, energy, environment, and urban governance. Before joining ISINNOVA, Carlo conducted research at New York University together with Nobel Prize winner, Wassily Leontieff, so his expertise and knowledge are going to be invaluable for the research team of UR-DATA.

The cooperation between UR-DATA and ISINNOVA is also going to include a joint application for the projects funded by HORIZON program.