UR-DATA Cross-fertilization with ESSEFT project

ur data

In a meeting held on January 12, 2024, at the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki, Greece, the cross-fertilization of scientific projects UR-DATA and ESSEFT showcased the impactful results of the UR-DATA project and possibilities of their application in the tourism industry’s approach to sustainability.

Representatives from the University of Dubrovnik, Croatia, NGO Electric Circuit Croatia, Toplica Academy of Applied Studies, and Ramonda, Serbia, gathered to witness the collaborative exchange of insights and findings.

The meeting revealed the significant progress made by the UR-DATA project, and its implications for sustainable tourism. The UR-DATA project emphasizes the importance of green practices and environmental considerations.

The ESSEFT project, designed to address the skills mismatch in partner countries arising from new requirements in hotel management within the tourism industry, is set to benefit significantly from the insights gained through the collaboration with UR-DATA.

The growing demand for environmentally conscious tourism has necessitated a shift in the skill set required by employees in the hospitality sector.

The collaborative efforts between UR-DATA and ESSEFT signify a powerful synergy, as the integration of findings from UR-DATA into the ESSEFT project promises to create innovative solutions that address the current challenges and contribute to a more sustainable and responsible tourism industry.

This collaborative initiative reinforces the commitment of the involved institutions to drive positive change.