Participation in the 2nd Global Conference on Regional Development 2023

On 13 and 14 of January, the Shenzhen Talent Institute hosted the 2nd Global Conference on Regional Development 2023, devoted to the theme: “Uncertainty in Regional Development: Shocks and Resilience – Innovative Strategies of Regions and Cities”. The conference brought together renowned experts and scholars from all over the world in order to share and combine knowledge and insights about sustainability, prosperity and wellbeing in all regions of the world in the conditions of global uncertainties and disruptions.

The keynote presentation was held by the Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman, while a number of renowned scholars held honorary lectures: Michael Porter, Saskia Sassen, Edward Gleaser, Peter Nijkamp, etc.

The UR-DATA project coordinator, Dr Jelena Stanković participated in the session Spatial Resilience and Governance, with the presentation named Circular Economy and Sustainability Indicators: Impact Assessment Modeling – Evidence from European Countries.

Announcement Programme Brochure

Stankovic, January 14, Session B, Panel B-4