IFORS 2023 “Advanced Analytics for a Better World”

We are proud to announce that UR-DATA research has been disseminated at the 23rd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies IFORS 2023, organized from 10-14 July in Santiago, Chile. UR-DATA researchers, prof. Jelena Stanković and Ivana Veselinović had a chance to present the latest project results among 1000 participants from 55 countries.

Since the first Conference, held in Oxford in 1957, IFORS has been a place for operational researchers from all over the world to share knowledge, experiences and best practices of operational research. This year, conference clusters spanned 36 major topics, covering the
wealth and breadth of operations research, analytics, and related topics.

UR-DATA researchers had a presentation on Smart Cities in Serbia: Measuring Success Beyond Economic Growth. Participation in working sessions, plenary and keynote lectures, as well as social events of the Conference has been an amazing opportunity for forging new connections, ideas and future collaborations.