Highlights from the 29th Conference on Regional Development

The 29th “Regional Development and Demographic Flows of Southeastern European Countries” conference was successfully held on June 28th, 2024, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Niš, Serbia. This traditional event gathered numerous academics and experts from abroad, with an ever-growing number of participants each year. The conference focused on several key thematic fields, including reinforcing sustainable regional development and addressing demographic flows and migrations in new global circumstances.

The program featured a panel session titled “Are Regional Disparities Inevitable?” moderated by prof. Jelena Stanković, UR-DATA Project Coordinator. The panellists included:

  • Ioannis Psycharis, PhD, Panteion University Athens, Greece
  • Stephan Brunow, PhD, University of Applied Labour Studies, Germany
  • Nebojša Stanković, PhD, Stanković & Partners Law Office, Naissus Business Club
  • Oliver Sarov, Policy Officer, Economic Affairs, EU Delegation in Serbia.

Panel discussion was centred around critical issues such as unbalanced regional development, growing economic and social inequalities, and labour market challenges. This provided valuable insights into the complexities of regional disparities and the need for targeted policy interventions to promote equitable growth and development.

A key highlight of the conference was the dedicated session on “Smart Urban Governance: Interdisciplinary Insights,” as a segment of the UR-DATA project activities. This session focused on the multifaceted challenges of urban governance, sustainability, and social equity.

The Conference underscored the importance of international collaboration, featuring reputable scholars and offering ample networking opportunities. The UR-DATA project played a crucial role in enhancing the international profile of the conference, showcasing innovative approaches to urban governance and sustainability. By bringing together experts from various fields and countries, the UR-DATA project significantly contributed to the exchange of knowledge and ideas, fostering stronger global partnerships.

Overall, the event was a significant step towards advancing research in regional development and demographic flows. The UR-DATA project, in particular, highlighted FEUN’s commitment to scientific excellence. This Conference also demonstrated FEUN’s dedication to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and promoting sustainable urban development on an international scale.