Cityscapes of Opportunity: Smart Strategies for Business Attraction in the Balkans

ur data

The panel discussion is organized as an integral component of the UR-DATA project, a pioneering initiative dedicated to fostering research aimed to analyse determinants of urban and regional growth within the business landscapes.

The project’s vision aligns with the modern demands of a dynamic cooperation between academia, business community and policymakers, and the ever-evolving potential of smart urban development.

The event will take place on the esteemed date of October 12, 2023, in Niš, Serbia, Constantinus Palace congress hall, starting at 12 am.

Panel discussion topics:

  • “Unlocking Business Potential: Navigating Regulatory Landscapes”
  • “Sustainable Business Practices for Future Growth”
  • “Talent Attraction and Retention: Building Human Capital”
  • “Public-Private Partnerships for Urban Development”
  • “Innovation Ecosystems: Fostering Technology and Entrepreneurship”
  • “Smart Infrastructure for Business Growth”